On this page you'll find assets to help you communicate to people within your workplace about your United Way campaign. Looking for a whole email curriculum, or just a single email? We have materials to help you! 

You can find email copy and graphics for a series of emails, or just one message, if that's all you're looking for. Use the content to craft the email or communication that you need for your workplace, or use the one we've built to make it easy to send out!

Full Email Curriculum

Here is an example of what an email curriculum could look like, to invite people to support the United Way campaign in your workplace. The linked PDF shows sample copy for a series of four messages: a launch email, two reminders, and a last chance.  

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Download the email curriculum samples here: United Way Greater Toronto version | National version

Full Email Curriculum: Leader Donors

These assets mirror the first email curriculum, but are written to speak to donors giving more than $1,200 to United Way and the importance of giving at this level.

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Download the Leadership email curriculum samples here: United Way Greater Toronto version | National version

Donor Information Email: New Donors (Single Email)

Are you looking to send just one email, or an example of making the case for United Way in one place? Here are the assets to invite prospective donors to give to United Way all in one place. These are assets you can use to craft the note you need to engage people with your campaign, like an email version of a brochure. 

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Download the prospect email assets here: United Way Greater Toronto version | National version

Please note that the Microsoft Outlook templates are design to work with Outlook only, not other email clients and platforms. Also note that there are a bunch of spots for you to customize! Please make sure you adapt the copy, or remove what you don't need. 

Donor Information Email: Returning Donors (Single Email)

This version of the single email invites donors who have given to United Way before to give again! The same assets are provided--copy and images, a PDF of what the email looks like, and a Microsoft Outlook template--so you can craft your own email, or easily use the one that's already built. 

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Download the returning donors email assets here: United Way Greater Toronto version | National version

The same notes apply regarding the Outlook template: please see above. 

Leadership Case for Support Email (Single Email)

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These email assets are for inviting previous United Way donors who have given $1,200 or more in the past to give again. If you are looking to send just one email to make the case for why people should support United Way at the Leadership level, this is the one to send! 

Download the returning leadership donors email assets here: United Way Greater Toronto Leadership version | National Leadership version